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Meet the Folks Behind the Wonderful Restaurant Vovomeena!

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Vovomeena is one of our favorite restaurants in the Phoenix area, so we thought we should give you a tour of this fabulous establishment.

Ryan, the head barista at Vovomeena, explained the Japanese cold-brewing technique to us. Essentially, 12 gallons of ice water are dumped down a very cool looking instrument, where it soaks into a middle compartment before filtering to the bottom chamber a finished product. This brewing technique makes the coffee incredibly smooth and more caffeinated than your average coffee. 

It takes 12 whole hours to brew their cold coffee, which they market as Mornin' Moonshine. Ryan shared that while Vovomeena isn't the only place in town that uses this intense brewing method, they are the only one that offers infused flavors. Raw ingredients - such as orange peels and ginger - are mixed with the grounds for an amazing and unique taste. 

Kaj, the manager, informed us that the name is inspired by the owner's heritage. Vovo means grandmother in Portuguese and Meena is the name of the owner's grandma. Her mural is even painted on the side of the building.

The menu includes Portuguese, Southwestern, and Spanish cuisine, as well as traditional breakfast. Everything in this locally owned and operated restaurant is made from srcatch, so you can be sure your food will taste great.

It has an open kitchen layout, so guests can see everything that's happening in the kitchen. It's also nice for busy days, as guests can entertain themselves by watching the masters in the kitchen at work. Vovomeena is a fast-casual type of restaurant. Come in, order at the register, and take a seat anywhere you'd like - whether you prefer to dine indoors or out. 

If you're interested in enjoying Vovomeena, you can grab breakfast, lunch, or simply a great coffee Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30 am to 1:30 pm. If you'd rather pick it up, call (602) 252-2541. We hope to see you there sometime!