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Heroes for Students Is What Our Kids Need

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Today we are joined by Richie Ressel, the co-founder of Heroes for Students, a local non-profit organization working to inspire and empower children in Phoenix. First we’ll tell you a little about Richie and his background, and how his organization is working to brighten our future.

Richie has been in education for 5 years and was a teacher in the classroom for three of them while pursuing his master’s degree in elementary education. He noticed a big divide between the community and his classroom, so he wanted to bridge that gap. He saw his students weren’t benefitting from the community, so that’s when he decided to start bringing in guest speakers to his classroom. 

One particular guest speaker he brought in was a bi-lingual female doctor. Richie recalls a young girl being so inspired by this speaker and her message, that she ended up raising over $1000 for children with cancer.

Seeing this kind of inspiration occur while continuing to see the gap between the students and the community widen, Richie and his co-founder decided to put together an organization that would have a database of guest speakers for people who want to rally around their local schools. So far, they have been able to get over 100 guest speakers in classrooms, impacting over 500 students.

In addition to working on bringing more guest speakers into the classroom, they are also planning some community events as well. Richie wants to close that gap between the high-performing and low-performing schools by inspiring and empowering his students to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. It’s not just about what they learn in the classroom, it’s about what they learn outside of it as well.

If you have any questions for Richie about Heroes for Students, feel free to give him a call at (760)703-3404 or visit the organization’s website online here. If you have any real estate questions, you can obviously contact us and we will be with you shortly.