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Arizona 2030: Building a Better Arizona


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Today I have the honor and the privilege to be sitting with Andre St. Pierre. He is a graduate of the Valley Leadership class, and Arizona 2030 was a project that he started in order to complete the class.

His team had lots of different issues and ideas that they wanted to solve, so Arizona 2030 ( gave them a platform for them to solve their individual problems while also allowing people to pursue their other goals.

Community organizations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and members of the community can all come together and tackle these goals together. They have partnered with the Center for the Future of Arizona in order to merge mutual ideas and accomplish shared goals.

Some of the goals set forth by Arizona 2030 include:

  • Connecting organizations, businesses, and individuals who are working toward similar objectives.
  • Providing an online platform for organizations to share their vision, short and long-term strategies, and opportunities for others to engage.
  • Sharing creative goals and new ideas to inspire Arizonans.
  • Providing resources to democratize access to information, knowledge banks, and human capital.
  • Creating an online venue to foster community dialogues, civic engagement, and economic development.
  • Continuously evolve and expand to provide new ways to track your pledge progress and engage with the community.
  • Becoming a statewide resource for all Arizonans committed to creating the Arizona we want.

Arizona 2030 is a non-partisan organization that aims to make Arizona stand out as a place that people want to live and grow.

If you would like to learn more about Arizona 2030, you can visit

We encourage you to investigate this wonderful organization and take the pledge!

Thanks for tuning in!