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How is Big Brothers Big Sisters Shaping Our Community?

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Today, Laura Capello, the President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, joins us to discuss what her organization does for the Central Arizona area.

Laura moved here to go to ASU and got a degree in journalism. After college, she went on several interviews and nothing spoke to her more than when she interviewed at a nonprofit. She found that, although the job offered less pay and demanded more time out of her, the nonprofit realm was where she belonged. She's now been with Big Brothers Big Sisters since 1998 and has worked just about every job within the organization on her way to her current position of leadership.

Mentoring is something Laura has always believed in. That's the premise of Big Brother Big Sisters: pairing a child who needs guidance with a good role model who can show them they have choices. Most kids in the program come from single-parent households below the poverty line, so they are very much in need of guidance.

The Central Arizona chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the largest agencies in the country. They currently have over 1,500 volunteers working for them, so they are certainly making an impact. They don't ask much from them -- they simply ask that they spend a couple hours a month with their little. Laura spends about two or three times a month with her little and has a blast doing it! 

Big Brothers Big Sisters recently celebrated their 60th year in the valley! It started as two separate agencies, and the Big Brothers agency started first. It was started through the court systems, which was looking for a way to help young boys and help them stay out of trouble. Big Sisters was created shortly after, and the two companies merged in 1986. Since then, the agency has been growing and working to help more and more kids! 

If you would like information regarding how you can volunteer and help this wonderful organization, visit, go to their location at 4754 N 7th St, Ste 210, Phoenix, Arizona, or give them a call at (602) 264-2444. Laura and Big Brothers Big Sisters would love to hear from you!