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Trellis Is Doing Great Work in Our Community

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Thanks for joining me for another entry in my series to highlight all of the great nonprofits and small businesses here in Phoenix. Today, I’m joined by Patricia Garcia Duarte, the C.E.O. and president of Trellis, formerly known as the Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix.

Patricia has been with trellis for over 10 years now. She is an Arizona native and came to the Valley in 1982, where she received a finance degree from ASU. The entirety of her 28-year career has been focused primarily on community development work. For Patricia, it has always been about helping Arizona residents better understand community development and better prepare for homeownership. 

Trellis is a housing counseling organization, as well as a mortgage bank and home builder. They do all three things under one roof. People come to them to learn how to save, how to establish credit, and how to afford their first home.

Consumers can take advantage of all their services, or just one. They do offer an 8-hour class that is approved by HUD that can be taken either in a classroom setting or online for a $99 fee. However, their counseling services are all free. They have a certified counselor on staff to help homeowners understand whether a reverse mortgage is good or bad for them.

After the mortgage meltdown, the government has worked really hard to make sure there are more regulations in place. The creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is solely dedicated to making sure the consumer is protected. Trellis wants to make sure the consumer understands exactly what they’re getting into with a mortgage, and consumers are required to receive a loan estimate now.

Patricia and Trellis are always there to help those planning to buy or thinking about buying. By going through their program, you will know exactly what to expect throughout the process. For more information about their organization, visit them at their website or give them a call at (602)-258-1659.