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Check Out Greasepaint and the Scottsdale Community Players

Today I’m here with Maureen Dias, the artistic director for Greasepaint Youth Theatre. Maureen has a background in acting and came to Greasepaint in 2003. She left to pursue other things but returned in 2010. Maureen also works with the Scottsdale Community Players, the longest running community theatre in the valley, which will be celebrating their 31st season this year. 

Maureen loves kids and theatre. Greasepaint performs at Stagebrush Theatre, an old, beautiful building that Acquanetta and Jack Ross transformed into a theatre. Many famous actors, actresses, and artists have worked with Stagebrush or the Scottsdale Community Players. Dale Wasserman, the screenwriter of Man of La Mancha, workshopped his script right here in the valley. 

Greasepaint gives kids the opportunity to work in a professional environment to hone their craft.

Greasepaint’s mission is to give opportunities to young people to work in a professional atmosphere while they hone their craft. Many of these kids go onto professional careers in television, film, and theatre. Maureen believes that the theatre is the safest space for a child to grow up. 

These kids can work onstage and backstage. The new Barebones Company even allows kids to produces their own projects. Maureen and her coworkers provide financing, space, and know-how so they kids can complete their own projects. From directing one acts to producing musicals, there are many opportunities for young people at Greasepaint. 

Kids aged six and up are welcome to participate in the program through college. There are a variety of shows for them to perform in, from Disney shows, family-friendly shows, and more challenging shows, like Sweeney Todd or Heathers for the teenagers to tackle. Stagebrush is the first theatre to produce Rent with young people. These shows are musically and artistically challenging to give kids more opportunities to grow. 

Last season, Greasepaint put on The Producers, Much Ado About Nothing, and Heathers. This season, visit the Stagebrush theatre to watch Pippin or 13

Stagebrush Theatre is located at 7020 E 2nd St. in Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Call 480-949-7529 or visit for more information. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any of your real estate needs. I would be happy to help you!