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Local Business Spotlight: Scorpius Dance Theatre

Welcome back to another episode in our series of posts highlighting local small businesses and the arts. Today we are excited to be joined by Lisa Starry, the Artistic Director for Scorpius Dance Theatre.

Scorpius Dance Theatre was founded by Lisa and her husband, David, back in 1999. They graduated from dance school together and had not originally planned to stay in Arizona. However, after they had their first child, Christian, they decided to stay in Phoenix and start their own dance company.

Lisa was working at the Metropolitan Arts Institute at the time and got some help from them to open up her own studio. They soon had their first show, and the rest is history. They currently reside at Phoenix Theatre for most of their performances, and have been there for about 13 years.

Ask Lisa about the star pass.

Their signature show is called “Vampire Tale,” a unique take on contemporary dance. It was a hit, so much so that they have toured the world performing it and perform it for two weeks every October. At the end of this year, Lisa is excited to debut her new work, “Animal.”

One great thing that Lisa and Scorpius do for their patrons is offer a “star pass.” This allows you to pre-book your tickets and get the best seats in the house.

To learn more about Scorpius Dance Theatre, visit their website where you can also find their contact information.

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