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How Did Phoenix Become the City We Know and Love?

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Today we are going to talk about the history of our wonderful city. John, a local Phoenix historian, is joining us today to talk about the history of our fine city. John is an Arizona native and ASU grad, and his passion for real estate and history began with the purchase of his first home in Del Norte. 

The first settlers came west to Phoenix after the Civil War, in 1867. By 1929, developments started popping up in what is now our historic district with the railroad constantly bringing new people to the Valley. At around the same time, subdivisions were set up as well. As you can see from the city plans in our video above, each building was individually owned and its relation to modern Phoenix, at least in size, is unrecognizable. 

By the 1930's, the ranch style home had become the most popular style out there because of its simplicity and effectiveness. This allowed for more homes to be built, and contributed to the original housing boom in Phoenix. You may be surprised to know that 40% of our current housing stock was built in the 5 years following World War II (1945-1950).

These are just a few tidbits of info from centuries worth of history and information about our city. If you want to get more historical info on our city, we have a couple of sites for you to visit. has old surveys and documents you can view online, and
 is another good site.