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How Has Architecture in Phoenix Evolved?

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Hey everyone, we are back again with our favorite local Phoenix historian, John, to talk a little bit more about historical Phoenix. Today we are going to focus on the various historical districts in Phoenix and the number of different architectural styles found around our city. 

There is a wealth of different styles of architecture here in the Valley, but up until the 1930's, Phoenix was only the size of about 5 square miles. Today, it's over 500 square miles large, with a wide variety of architecture. 

According to John, one of the best guides to Phoenix is the "Historic Neighborhoods of Phoenix" map, which showcases the variety of architecture seen in Phoenix homes. There are 35 neighborhoods in the guide, ranging from Roosevelt Place in the south, and Windsor Square and Medlock Place in the north. 

Most major development in Phoenix did not come until after World War II, and you can see that in the architectural styles in the center of town. Once the town expanded, a wide variety of architectural styles became popular. Styles such as the Victorian, the Queen Anne, and the Rosen House were all mass-produced, and you can see that reflected in many different areas of town. 

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