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Introducing the Foundation for Senior Living

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Today we're here with Tom Egan from the Foundation for Senior Living. Tom has been in non-profit management for about 20 years and recently started working with this 40-year-old establishment.

The Foundation for Senior Living provides a continuum of services for seniors, adults with disabilities, and caregivers. There are multiple facilities: 21 different affordable housing complexes, 17 group homes, and 3 adult day health centers. The Foundation offers assistance to people in their own homes in order to help aging Baby Boomers maintain their independence.

Tom and his team work with you to identify the correct service for your situation. Home care is a service that generally helps someone maintain their independence by providing housekeeping services. Home health also provides medical assistance to people living in their own homes.

The adult day health centers offer the caregivers a respite, the person gets a change of environment, and there is medical support staff to assist them.

It's important to keep in mind that while it's called the Foundation for Senior Living, they also assist adults with disabilities.

The Foundation for Senior Living's main offices is located at 1201 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014. If you have any questions for Tom or are interested in their services, you can call 602-285-1800, or visit their website,

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