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The Center for Natural Medicine in Phoenix

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Today I'm at The Center for Natural Medicine with Dr. Dana Keaton. She came to Phoenix in 1990 and started working here as a naturopathic physician after graduating from college in Oregon. During her second year, she helped to develop the naturopathy school here.
Dr. Keaton actually works out of a beautiful old office of mine, and she likes it because it lends a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to her clients. She likes to feel like an old-time doctor, but she uses highly advanced medicines to treat her patients.
So, what is the difference between regular medicine and naturopathic medicine?

  1. Naturopathic medicine tries to find the underlying cause of an illness.
  2. Western medicine doesn't treat viruses, and naturopathy and can help with these issues.
  3. Illnesses are poorly treated by Western medicine because the medicine carries such strong side effects with it. Some chronic diseases are poorly treated by Western medicine.

Educating people about their lifestyles is also important to what Dr. Keaton does. She believes that much of what makes you sick can be traced back to the type of lifestyle that you live. This can help to solve problems on a more long-term basis, rather than just treat issues as they arise.
If you have questions about The Center for Natural Medicine or if you're seeking alternative treatments for persistent ailments, I recommend that you visit their website in the hyperlink above.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!